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Movement Education


Structural Bodywork - 3 Series 

An eternal student, Kathryn has immersed herself in the world of Structural Integration and is studying this modality of bodywork at Tom Myers Anatomy Trains School in beautiful Maine. 


Using the lens of Structural Integration, Kathryn offers individuals a series of 3 Sessions that will systematically unwind whole body patterns through manual Myofasical Techniques and somatic education in awareness and movement. You will love this work if you are interested in learning more about your movement and postural patterns, if you have areas of long term pain, or if you identify with the phrase' I am too young to feel this old". 

Although Posture is assessed, the aim is not a prescribed ideal but for more balance, support, and ease in your unique structure.For you to benefit from this experience, you must commit to 3 ninety minute sessions.

What is Structural Bodywork?

Structural Bodywork is a modality of deep myo-fascial bodywork and movement education that aims to increase postural ease and movement freedom. The modality uses a body-wide, holistic lens to see the patterns and posture that may lead to less than optimal function and comfort in your body. Rather than addressing the symptoms, Structural Integration looks for the root cause which may be elsewhere in the body. 


The way we’ve used our bodies; our hobbies, work, athletics, injuries, and experience are physically recorded as patterns in not just in the muscles and nervous system, but in the fascial net that connects every cell in our bodies. Structural Integration addresses restrictions in fascia progressively unwinding global patterns. SI can help enhance the way you wish to use your body and help you shed the patterns that are no longer serving you.

What to Expect

The 3 Series of Structural Bodywork are a collaborative process between the practitioner and the client. Here are a few notes to help you get the most from this experience:

The Three Series

Session One

Session Two 

Session Three

The Goal of Session One is to bring balance to the lower limbs and pelvis & enhance awareness of of postural patterns 

Session Two helps bring balance to the ribcage and shoulder girdle and aims to increase easeful breath. 

Session Three wraps up the series by addressing spinal balance and fluidity of movement. 

Before you Arrive

During your Session

Keep your skin clean from lotions or oils. 

Plan to wear something that allows me as much access to your tissue as possible; preferably briefs, workout shorts, and a bra or sports bra if applicable.

Bring your curiosity about your body. Notice how it feels to be your body. 

Know your goals. What do you want to enhance? What do you want to change?

Structural Bodywork is collaborative process between the practitioner and the client. The majority of each session involves hands-on manipulation of your fascia & muscles. As I work, I will ask you to make small, gentle movements. 

 During the session, I will periodically ask you to stand up and walk. This will help both of us to assess changes, and allows me to adjust my work as needed based upon your body’s responses.

After your Series

Structural Bodywork is wonderful ‘tonic’ for your posture and movement, but it is no cure-all.  The tonic offered by the Series is one comprised of improvements in body awareness and alignment, soft tissue organization, tissue hydration and homeostatic balance. By taking on this project with me, you may feel more easeful in your body, areas of discomfort may feel more supported, and you may become more aware of the strength and resources your body holds for you. 

View your Three Series as a project with a beginning, a middle and and end; not an ongoing and endless therapy.  After the series is complete, your body continues to evolve and integrate the work for several months. This is particularly true if you continue with your homework, get curious about your body, and embrace exploration and play. When you feel your body is no longer shifting, you may decide it’s time to explore the next level.


Clients often return after this Series for the full ATSI-12 Series, or once or twice a year for a ‘tune-up’ session to ease the effects of life’s trials and tribulations.  Others simply go on to some other maintenance routine such as Slings Myo-Fascial Training, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, a workout routine - or whatever is appropriate to them.

Count me in!

If you wish to participate or receive more information, please enter your email and answer a few questions and Kathryn will contact you. 

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