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Movement Therapy & Slings 

Located in Brookline


Slings Myofascial Training (Slings) is a mat based holistic fascia-focussed movement class that engages body and mind. A variety of core strengthening and rhythmical exercises are dynamically combined with gentle and melting movements with or without massage props. The focus lies on the health-enhancing qualities of fascia, which contribute to the balance of your posture, increased mobility, vitality and core strength.  Slings Fascia-focused training aims to increase fascial health for dynamic stability, physical responsiveness, tissue elasticity, tone, adaptability, and sensory awareness. Our fascial system is what connects muscles to bones and is the system through which muscles communicate with each other and distribute force. Myo-fascial training considers this system and the concept that our bodies work as a whole rather than as a collection of individual muscles and bones. In short, these techniques are designed to enhance the body's resilience through structural integration and increased function. Slings is Structural Integration through Movement and has been endorsed by Anatomy Trains founder Tom Myers as the only comprehensive training program that represents his work.

The focus is on you, with your long and short-term goals at the center! Movement therapy is diverse in its applications - ranging from rehabilitation to better athleticism, becomeing more at home in your body, posture therapy, pain management, and beyond. The integral exercises are mat-based and can be enhanced with massage balls or other small supportive props. Using a system wide lens, Kathryn will work with you towards your movement and postural goals. Clients feel more at home and easeful in their body, stronger and more effortless throughout their day, and many feel more physically and psycho-emotionally resilient and adaptable.

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