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Classes and Workshops for Everyone


Elevate Your Movement Practice and Explore the Intricacies of Your Body with these Engaging Workshops!

If you're seeking to enrich your movement practice, delve into topics related to your body and movement, or simply nurture your curiosity about how your body moves, these workshops are tailor-made for you.

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Backed by Resilience

Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart” - Brené Brown
January 10 - February 14 | Wed at 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

What does it mean to have backbone? Synonymous with grit, fortitude, and courage, it is often associated with persistence and passion for long-term goals, especially in the face of obstacles. Backbone allows us to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation with confidence and bravery. 


Embark on a six-week journey to practice and refine a carefully curated sequence of movements. These exercises aim to heighten your awareness of your back, leveraging and building upon your existing strength. Together, let's work towards improved back health and a profound sense of groundedness and backbone. 


Brene Brown said “For me, that strong back is grounded confidence and boundaries. The soft front is staying vulnerable and curious. The mark of a wild heart is living out these paradoxes in our lives and not giving into the either/or BS that reduces us. It’s showing up in our vulnerability and our courage, and, above all else, being both fierce and kind.”


In this six week practice, delve into the question: Can a physically strong and healthy back enhance these qualities, providing a stable foundation for cultivating openness and curiosity? Let's explore how the strength of our physical back aligns with inner strength.


This will be an energetic and strength based class. 


Contrindiations: Acute Back Injury or Pain, Chronic Spinal Conditions, Acute Hip Injury or Severe Hip Pain, Osteoporosis. If you are unsure, please email to ask

Live Online 

Live Online 


Live Online 

Sacred Roots

Empowering the Pelvic Floor
Saturday January 13 10:30am - 11:30am

Embark on a transformative exploration of the pelvic floor and discover the inherent power and authenticity dwelling within this vital region. Empowering and befriending your pelvic floor will unlock a wellspring of grounding, balance, inner strength, and security.

Similar to other muscle groups, the pelvic floor can be harnessed in diverse ways and to varying degrees. Join me in this workshop to delve into your pelvic floor, unraveling its mysteries and understanding the significance of accessing its strength, softness, and nuance. This journey promises to cultivate a deeper connection with your body, fostering a sense of home within and allowing you to authentically embody your true self.

This workshop caters to anyone interested in enhancing strength and increasing awareness of the pelvic floor. Whether you grapple with chronic dysfunction, seek to boost athletic performance, or fall anywhere in between, this workshop is tailored to meet your needs.

Contraindications: Recent physical trauma or injury to this region (Vaginal delivery, Pulled Groin, Hernia) Unresolved emotional trauma related to this region. If you are unsure, please ask

Live Online 

Live Online 

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